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Lockdown has been nice and lazy but here at ATEN we are more than ready to get back to it. Although during this national crisis we fell further in love with lounge wear.

We want lockdown to end, but we also wanna stay lounging, so we decided to release the fully vaxxed tracksuit set.

So now you can get two doses of the vaccine and two doses of ATEN this spring, get one of each even!

Pick your fighter! 

 The PFIZER sweatpants come in a blissful baby blue and fit true to size with a heavyweight 350gsm cotton/polyester blend for a comfortable fit and long lasting piece.

 Hand made locally these sweatpants come with thick elasticated cuffs on the ankles for the perfect sock tuck or sneaker flex.

 The ATEN logo is embroidered in our classic yellow with white text on both knees as a stamp of approval from us.

 Like all our pieces, these sweatpants are Australian made and made to last by the local legends over at Bottega in Marrickville.

 Shmurdas out so lets get those knees bouncing!

 Fully vaxxed people make better lovers.

 Model is wearing an XL in the photos.

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