Resting Bitch Face or more commonly known as RBF is a real issue(It’s not!) that many of us ‘face’ on a day to day basis(We don’t). 

Admittedly throughout the year, the number of people from Australia struggling with RBF cases was on the rise and symptoms were worsening(possibly true??)

Furrowed brows were being seen more commonly, squinty eyes, dead stares and scrunched up faces, by the end of 2020 the majority of Australians were showing symptoms of RBF(Resting Bitch Face).

With bushfire season behind us, but also ahead of us and COVID-19 sending us back into lockdown the “scientists” in our “lab” forecast higher rates of resting bitch face by 2021.

We get it, it’s been a rough year! So with the dire need for face masks, social distancing and RBF affecting more and more people this year we decided to make some ATEN face masks!

The masks are made of 2 layers of cotton with 1 layer of polypropylene and are fully washable. The nose wire won’t let your glasses fog up and the elastic is adjustable and made to go over your head so save you from sore ears.

So you can be Covid safe, rep ATEN, sneak diss people and rest assured your bitch face is safe!

Masks are adjustable, washable, reusable and are made locally by @mums.masks and then embroidered with the ATEN logo by the team at Bottega Marrickville.

100% Locally made in Sydney : )