This heavy weight 350gsm crew neck is made to last.

Fits true to size with a raglan cut and 80% cotton/20% polyester for your comfort.

This sweat shirt comes with

- A "SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS" graphic dtg print on the chest

- The corresponding quote printed on the back

- ATEN logo embroidered on the wrist.

We commissioned Perth artist, Ash Schmitt to illustrate the "SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS" concept for us.

The "SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS" range attempts to encapsulate certain live television outbursts, that if we didn't see on television, we definitely have seen on Youtube, an unexpected rage against the machine. Hence the title  "SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS", timeless in its interruption.

This graphic pays homage to the lord of goth Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids joining some young metal heads and punks for a grilling on the Phil Donahue show. I'll let the youth speak for themselves. Check it out.


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